Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's got us talking this week....

Good news Irish brand fans - with a well needed nugget of positive news sorely craved, Ireland can embrace the news that not all of our Irish brands are suffering right now but are happily thriving through the tough times. One such example is Oatfield Confectionery, who are manufacturing and exporting their sweets worldwide with hopes for future expansion as demand grows.

Oatfield Confectionery, Ireland's oldest sweet factory, are behind such brands as -

Orange Chocolate,
Glucose Barley
Eskimo Mints

Can anyone think of any other Irish brands that are using this recession as a building block?


  1. It's good to know Irish brands aren't all dying a death!
    More of this, please....
    Flourishing Irish brands mean more jobs for us, right??

  2. were are all the jobs then?