Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ireland, the 51st state?!

Photo by Kdoohan

We can't get away from it, some call it progression (especially within this recession still breathing down our necks) however, i call it commercialisation - and it is happening right under your noses! Is Ireland becoming America's 51st state? Ireland is becoming Americanised - a Mcdonalds on every street, huge shopping centres in every city, TESCO all over the country...and not to mention the saturation of advertising ( product placement if i've ever seen it ) Shouldn't these people embrace and preserve the past without it interfering with Ireland's future progression? Think outside the box people!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Commercial dilution or economic boost?

Photo by infomatique

With Vodafone taking over sponsorship of the Dublin GAA team and Lansdowne Road becoming the Aviva Stadium, it seems Ireland is firmly in the grips of commercialism. Are we seeing another piece of history gone? One may argue that this is old news and is perfectly ok but i ask you, in these tough current times could we be seeing corporations taking advantage? Are we becoming more like America and less ourselves?
On the flip side, you could argue that the benefits outweigh the negitive.The economy is likely to receive a boost from tourists who travel to the likes of The O2 and Aviva Stadium for sporting and music events - but at what cost to our brand as a country?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Brand Ireland helps out brand Africa

Photo by blvesboy

Although one might think that a single person may not wield the amount of power needed to shape themselves into brand , let alone become a brand of the nation - one man has certainly done the job and then some. In has recently been reported that U2's Bono, a man recognised by his name alone, spent St. Patrick’s Day in Kenya, where he attended a Pan African Media Conference to discuss important issues affecting the continent.
“The conference attracted my attention because I am one of those who believe in brand Africa, a better Africa for Africans,” Bono explained.
It seems Bono is continuing on his goodwill quest and a great flag flyer for brand Ireland, i do wonder though if he should maybe spread some of that goodwill here at home. Just a thought!

How and ever, keep it up Sir Bono, we salute you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Designing Irish success

Photo by decor8

When thinking of many Irish women and men who have shaped themselves into bankable Irish brands, one name springs to mind as an up and coming brand star who is becoming a worldwide success not only for her creative designs but for her notably Irish name. Orla Kiely went off to London in search of her dreams, commissioned by Harrods and eventually finding her own label in 1997 - Orla Kiely has become a successful brand and a remarkable ambassador for Ireland - sure doesn't it say it all in her name?!

Newsflash - Orla has just struck a deal with Citroen to design a limited edition Orla Kiely Citroen DS3 – the car that reviewer Jeremy Clarkson described as "motoring's equivalent of the iPod".

Friday, May 7, 2010

Brand Butterflies

For such a small wee isle, we certainly pack a punch when it comes to heavy weight people brands. Yes, you heard it, people brands!!
Ireland has truly produced some of the world's most inspirational and down right outstanding talent to ever grace the world stage. Whether it be literature or music, sports or theatre - we really do manufacture some gems!
Talents, goals, achievements aside - these people are our countries brands, representing us to one and all. With the sad untimely death of broadcaster Gerry Ryan, who was an Irish brand unto himself, Irelandinc.ie decided to look at some other Irish faces who we thought might govern similar brand respect as Gerry did.
Bono, Sonia O'Sullivan, C.S Lewis, Oscar Wilde (to name but a few) have, over the years (or decades)emerged into brand butterflies. Turning their names into bankable brands and turning the spotlight on Ireland in the process. Are there any other Irish brand butterflies you can think of?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Photo by Barry dublin

It is with sad regret that we here at Irelandinc.ie must bid farewell to one of Ireland's greatest ambassadors, broadcasters - a true Irish legend who had transformed himself into a true Irish brand.
RTÉ broadcaster Gerry Ryan was found dead in his apartment last Friday, his funeral was held today in St John the Baptist Church in Clontarf.
Gerry occupied a unique place in Irish life and he will be truly missed - here's to you Gerry!