Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Election Nation

Image by Shiny things

Last night's election debate on TV3 made for some very confusing viewing. Still on the fence on were my vote lies, I took to my sofa to see if my vote could be swung.However, Enda Kenny decided to decline the task (how on earth can he lead us on a world stage if he can't bare a seat with Vincent Browne?) and Eamon Gilmore and Minister Martin just didn't cut the mustard in my humble opinion!
My worry is, how will the outcome of election 2011 have on brand Ireland?
Does brand Ireland have a future?
Export, tourism, technology all the thriving industries that have saved brand Ireland from recessionary dissolution - can they continue to grow and pave a future that so many of us think is redundant?
Who are you voting for on February 25th 2011?

Ps - Did anyone notice the volume of Irish brands during the commercial break? I swear, at least 90% of them were Irish. Is this a similar ploy that big brands undertake during the American Super Bowl? (Brands paying big bucks to be shown during breaks)

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