Monday, April 18, 2011

Ireland's royally magic beans

Image by gem_106

With a royal wedding in mere weeks and the world's media on the brink of hysteria, everything 'Kate & Wills' related seems to be turning to gold.
Whether it be royal merchandise or TV specials, the world is bracing itself for Britain's big day.
A story came across our desks here at Ireland and we couldn't help but giggle, relishing in the fun escapism of the article!

A British couple came across a jelly bean which had a startling resemblance to the future Queen of England Kate Middleton. Whilst digging into a tub of beans from The Jelly Bean Factory (an Irish brand and company) they found the image and are now hoping to sell it on E-Bay.
In the media frenzy running up to the Royal Wedding, which takes place in less than 2 weeks, newspapers will stop at nothing to find a story which will capture the publics imagination. Do you think that this story is real?Have you ever came across an iamge in a tub of The Jelly Bean Factory beans?

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