Thursday, March 25, 2010


Photo by Webb Zahn

It's almost 94 years since Ireland fought hard against the British, spent decade after decade dusting off the ashes that it once rose out of since the battle of 1916, 'Brand Ireland' has come a long way and has had a significant influence on culture world-wide with it's music, literature, sport, it's unique Irish brands but most importantly it's identity.
The recession has hit us all hard - from jobs to just paying the bills but is it time to wake up and see this country of ours with brand new eyes? To see it as it was way back then, in the thrusts of 1916 and fighting for our identity and realise if we shun our Irish brands for cheaper alternatives we are taking another step back in time to lost identity! Once again we are faced with turmoil and a threat our uniqueness. Brands matter, our Irish brands matter - time for an Easter rising 2010, maybe?

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