Friday, March 19, 2010

St Patrick's Day 2010, your view...

Paddy's Day 2010, how was it for you this year?
With shamrocks and tricolours flying high, did you buy Irish and more importantly did you feel proud of your heritage or just a bit queasy at the sight of drunken tourists with leprechaun hats stumbling through temple bar?

In the run up to the big day this year, asked Amárach Research to do a wee bit of a study, to compile some information on what you, the public are really thinking and they kindly obliged!

Amárach Research asked 850 adults aged 16 and upwards, both male and female from all over Ireland if being Irish mattered more to them on the lead up to St Patrick's Day 2010. Surprisingly, one third of Irish adults overall agreed that being Irish matters more to them now, with the lead up to St Patrick's Day 2010, amongst the younger age group this increased to almost one in two. It is a shock to see that a whopping 47% of our younger generation (aged 16-24) feel that being Irish is so important nowadays - there is hope for the future yet with such a positive attitude!

Amárach asked the same group of adults if the upcoming generation of celtic cubs will benefit from the past mistakes of the celtic tiger. With 56% of the older generation (aged 45 +) thinking our younger generation of cubs will gain something positive from past mistakes, 48% of adults aged 25-34 agree with this.Let's hear it for our celtic cubs and a new Ireland to come.

Many thanks to Amárach Research for compiling this study.

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