Friday, May 14, 2010

Brand Ireland helps out brand Africa

Photo by blvesboy

Although one might think that a single person may not wield the amount of power needed to shape themselves into brand , let alone become a brand of the nation - one man has certainly done the job and then some. In has recently been reported that U2's Bono, a man recognised by his name alone, spent St. Patrick’s Day in Kenya, where he attended a Pan African Media Conference to discuss important issues affecting the continent.
“The conference attracted my attention because I am one of those who believe in brand Africa, a better Africa for Africans,” Bono explained.
It seems Bono is continuing on his goodwill quest and a great flag flyer for brand Ireland, i do wonder though if he should maybe spread some of that goodwill here at home. Just a thought!

How and ever, keep it up Sir Bono, we salute you.

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