Friday, May 7, 2010

Brand Butterflies

For such a small wee isle, we certainly pack a punch when it comes to heavy weight people brands. Yes, you heard it, people brands!!
Ireland has truly produced some of the world's most inspirational and down right outstanding talent to ever grace the world stage. Whether it be literature or music, sports or theatre - we really do manufacture some gems!
Talents, goals, achievements aside - these people are our countries brands, representing us to one and all. With the sad untimely death of broadcaster Gerry Ryan, who was an Irish brand unto himself, decided to look at some other Irish faces who we thought might govern similar brand respect as Gerry did.
Bono, Sonia O'Sullivan, C.S Lewis, Oscar Wilde (to name but a few) have, over the years (or decades)emerged into brand butterflies. Turning their names into bankable brands and turning the spotlight on Ireland in the process. Are there any other Irish brand butterflies you can think of?

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