Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brand Accessories

Today's youth are tomorrow's branding future - they will be the ones doing the shopping for the family in the future, right?

Yes, today's young'ins seem to be obsessed with the brands splashed across the media, more concerned with who is wearing what and what the latest gadget is, but is 'food & drink branding' just as important to them?

It seems that some brands are working their way into the social scene of the younger generation (product placement,maybe or maybe not?) Star Bucks coffee cups, water brands such as Evian - all the latest accessories not to be seen without apparently!!

Are there any Irish 'brand accessories' out there?
Can't be seen without your bottle of Ballygowan whilst waltzing down Grafton Street? Hmmmmm....worth thinking about!

1 comment:

  1. Well, come Patrick's Day i won't be seen without my pint of the black stuff. Guinness rocks and i'm 23.