Monday, February 22, 2010

Can product placement work in Ireland?

Product Placement, a clever tool for building a brand and giving it national and worldwide exposure. We've all seen the strategically placed Coca-Cola glasses in front of the American Idol judges week in week out and not to mention the James Bond movies - take Casino Royale for example, it was practically a 2-hour long advert for Sony. In that film, every electronic gadget featured was a Sony — from the Sony Ericsson phones, to the Vaio laptops and Cybershot cameras, and even Bluray players!

With recent developments in the UK allowing broadcasters a more relaxed attitude toward product placement, Ireland will surely follow suit - could this bring opportunity to Irish brands who are hoping to breath life back into their brands? More importantly, would it work? If you saw blatant, in your face product placement of Irish brands on your favourite show or movie, would it entice you to that brand?

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