Friday, February 5, 2010

'Brand Ireland' taking on the Oscars!

Oscar time is almost upon us and Ireland has something to celebrate - Irish animators are being tipped for success after receiving Oscar nominations; The Secret of Kells - Best Animated Feature, Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty - Best Animated Short Film and The Door has been nominated in the Best Short Film category. A nod must also be given to animator Richard Baneham for Best Visual Effects category for his work on Avatar.

With the movie industry booming, this could be a prime opportunity for 'brand Ireland', a chance to shine on a world stage and remind people that this wee island of ours is worth its weight in gold! Can Ireland redeem itself through the silver screen?


  1. Having lived outside of Ireland for years now, you appreciate anything Irish when abroad & would pay anything for it too!! Get more Irish products in Supermarkets worldwide, there's definitely a high demand for it:-)

  2. This is the kind of thinking we like to see! We like your attitude Ethna.

    However, it seems with the current economy alot of consumers in Ireland would rather hold on to their purse strings.
    Supermarkets need to stock more Irish products in Ireland as well as worldwide, don't you think?